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作家便り「Leigh Sloggett(リー・スロゲット)/11月」

■Leigh Sloggett(リー・スロゲット)オーストラリア在住/作家便り11月

Here in Melbourne recently the National Gallery of Victoria had a retrospective exhibition of Salvador Dali which was hugely popular. On the final night the gallery stayed open all night long, with long queues of people waiting to get in. Although Dali's work is not particularly my taste I enjoyed the exhibition very much. It is always wonderful to see a collection of work from throughout an artists life and to observe how their art grew and changed. Dali is so very inventive and it seems in his work
anything is possible. He manipulated reality to create great images of imagination yet he was very influenced by the techniques of the old masters.

It made me think that contemporary netsuke is similar to this in some ways. It is strongly based in technique and tradition yet modern and to fit its function the artist has to push beyond reality and manipulate form beyond simple realism. Looking at Dali's work reinforced in me that anything is possible in a creative mind and the possibility for new forms and subjects in netsuke are limitless. I hope the art of netsuke continues to grow creatively as new artists take up this art form and younger collectors >become interested in it.





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