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「Art Expo Malaysia Plus 2018」に出展します

マレーシアで開催されるアートフェア「Art Expo Malaysia Plus 2018」に出展することになりました。

日本から8軒のギャラリーが参加する「Japan Pavilion Preview Booth」にて、


【art expo MALAYSIA 2018】 2018.10.11〜14
webサイト https://artexpomalaysia.com/




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【About Japan Pavilion Preview】

SOME of the most exciting Japanese contemporary practices will come under the Japan Pavilion in the Art Expo Malaysia (AEM) 2018 for the first time. Eight leading Japanese galleries will array some 40 of their best artists. They include gallery UG, which has been AEM stalwart since 2016. The others are Gallery Hanakagesho, Gallery Ishikawa, Gallery Seek, Gallery Suiha, Hakkendo Gallery, KinoshoKikaku and Smart Ship Gallery.
Since the kurofune (black ships of the West) opened up Japan in the 16th century, Japan has made an impact on world art with their unique ukiyo-e of Hiroshige, Hokusai and Sharaku, which had even influenced Vincent Van Gogh, Matisse and Monet. The biggest Japanese Post-War art movement is undoubtedly Gutai (roughly translated as ‘embodiment’ or ‘concreteness’) which propagated a new freedom of avant-garde art based on multimedia environments, performances and theatrical events. It was founded in Osaka in 1954 by Jiro Yoshihara and ShozoShimamoto. Then there are the Conceptual performances of Yoko Ono and Yayoi Kusama (b. 1929), who is best known for her psychedelic Infinite Mirrors installation apart from fiction and fashion. Takashi Murakami charges the SuperFlat Movement while Yoshitomo Nara has its origins in the sub-cultures of manga, anime and cosplay. With the Japanese taking up some 168 square metres of space under the ambit of the Japan Association of Contemporary Art (JACA), one can expect to find some of the Next Big Names of Nipponseries. It also coincides with the second coming of Prime Minister YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, with his Re-Looking East Policy. All eyes will be on the emerging names such as Takeshi Harada (Gallery Seek); Kunihiko Nohara (gallery UG);
 Kohei Yamada(KinoshoKikaku); Yasuhiro Asai (Gallery Hanakagesho); Yuji Takahashi (Hakkendo Gallery); Akihiro Fujimoto (Gallery Ishikawa); Asagi Otawa (Gallery Suiha) and Izumi Ohwada (Smart Ship Gallery).
The Japan Pavilion can be deemed as microcosm of cutting-edge Japanese Contemporary Art (which absorbs flatly both Fine Art and Applied Art, subcultures such as Manga, Anime way of expression) supported by a long cultural history. This project is led by JACA (its slogan Happy Aura) that supports Positivity.
The artists represented by the Japanese galleries:
Gallery Hanakagesho:Kotobukidou, Mansei Uehara, Yasuhiro Asai, Wanausagi, Douho, Koma, Mao Kanai
Gallery Ishikawa: Akihiro Fujimoto, Hiroki Yoshida
Gallery Seek: Takeshi Harada, Mitsuru Koga, Kenji Tao, Takahiro Hirabayashi
Gallery Suiha: Asagi Otawa, Hans Innemee (Netherlands), Guy Dessapt (France)
gallery UG: KunihikoNohara, Yoshikazu Hiramatsu,Gekko Numata, Kana Uchida
Hakkendo Gallery: Yuji Takahashi, Akika Kurata, Rika Oshima, Chieko Kuroishi, Ayuko Kikuchi, Yuuki Koyano, Yuuki Sori, Takumi Suzuki
KinoshoKikaku: Hiroshi Mori, Kohei Yamada, Shoichi Tsurukawa, Kojiro, Noritoshi Mitsuuchi
Smart Ship Gallery:Yu Uchida, Izumi Ohwada, Linmay Komine, Misao Fujii

Sponsored by Warehouse TERRADA
Supported by Embassy of Japan in Malaysia
The official logistic partner : TERRADA ART ASSIST Co., Ltd.

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