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藤沼哲「SOFA CHICAGO 2012」への出品情報

藤沼哲の作品が、現代クラフトとデザインを主としているアートフェア「SOFA CHICAGO 2012」に出品されます。( 取り扱いは、riley galleries )

1990年代からはじまった Contemporary Wood Art の流れの中から、作家たちの作品を選出している企画展とのこと。

What is Beautiful? Changing Perspectives in Contemporary Wood Art

What is beautiful contemporary wood art? Since the 1990s the tent of wood art has housed an increasing variety of work representative of radically different directions taken by makers. This special exhibit includes makers whose sculpture might now be considered “classic” and others whose work seems to speak with a highly individual and interesting aesthetic that references work of prior decades, other cultures and artists, demonstrating that beauty is a multifaceted concept.

Curated by Charlotte V. Wainwright, Ph.D, Hon AIA

Presented by Collectors of Wood Art

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